Today’s consumer expects not only flawless and attractive products
but also fast and careful just-in-time deliveries.

We make sure the flow of products is well-structured and optimized to
fit with your requirements and the consumers’ needs. We also effectively
manage after-launch matters, such as software updates, product
revisions or necessary component replacements.

Supply-chain planning

Optimisation models are used for strategic supply-chain planning so that the flow of information, materials and services from raw material and component suppliers through the manufacturing of the finished product for distribution to the end customer are managed in the best possible way. Our main objectives throughout the supply chain are to decrease cost, increase flexibility and increase quality to deliver the material and information on time.


Every year, 95 percent of new products fail. Most consumers don’t have time to evaluate all advantages and disadvantages of different products. Packaging tells your customer why your product and brand are different. And let’s not forget it also efficiently protects your product and keeps it safe when shipped. We work with skilled packaging designers and collaborate with packaging experts to make sure your packaging makes an impact and arrives safely at its final destination.


Distribution covers all the services necessary to place your product in the hands of the consumer, from sending a single package across to the neighbor to managing a large flow of goods from the factory to your warehouse. Ship transport? Airplane cargo? Hand-carry? Quickly or slowly? Transportation agreements? Insurances? We take care of the gritty parts and make sure your products arrive neatly packaged on a pallet to your warehouse.

Production support

One of the most important activities that any company looks to achieve is keeping their systems running 24/7. We only work with experienced contract manufacturers who know how to unlock the real value of production support. When we carefully assess if a supplier should be chosen to produce your product we make sure they use the best and most effective methods and processes..

Product Life Cycle Management

Introducing a new product to the market involves many steps and spanning all departments in a company. A successful launch requires excellent communication all through the company but also thorough documentation of a product. This is part of product life cycle management, which deals with a product from start to eventual disposal. And as market requirements change with time, we effectively manage software updates, product revisions or necessary component replacements.

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