If you are an entrepreneur, being creative is one thing you don’t have
a problem with. Creativity is your home ground.

But knowing how to take a great idea and turn it into a fully functional,
appealing product that is cost-effectively produced in millions of copies
and quickly shipped to the consumers on time require a whole team of experts.

This is where we come to your support. We make your idea real and tangible.
We create concepts, build prototypes, test key functions and finds the
optimal solution when it comes to integrating electronics, hardware,
firmware and mechanical parts.


Through various creative yet structured workshop models, we take your idea to the next level so that it can become a reality.


We build a prototype that allows you to see design and how key technical functions work. It allows you to show investors and other stakeholders in practice what you would like to do.

Industrial Design

Our experienced industrial designers, 3D wizards and ergonomic specialists create a product with strong appeal, ultimate functionality and aligned with your market strategy.

Electrical Engineering

We are experts at all kinds of digital and analog design, and do all electronics development in-house, including schematic and layout design.

Mechanical Engineering

Our skilled mechanical engineers know how to design and develop everything from small parts and devices such as sensors and measurement tools to complete systems for buildings or industrial processes.

Software Engineering

We develop for Linux all the way down to custom drivers. We develop applications for Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iPhone. And we know a whole lot about Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, Ethernet, GSM and 3G as well.

Project Management

Good and effective project management is key to a successful product development process. We are continuously making improvements on how our project-management model matches our customers’ various requirements. It is suitable to all kinds of projects, large and small.


Without understanding the regulatory requirements given the market the product is intended for, you risk costly delays and being barred from selling on a market. We incorporate regulatory requirements into the development process from the very beginning.

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