An innovative design requires an innovative manufacturing process.
From prototype to finished product the manufacturing process impacts the design.

We minimize the time it takes to get a product into production
and deliver a complete manufacturing solution for your products.
We work mainly with advanced and highly automated contract manufacturers in Sweden.


Start of production is often a bumpy ride where different issues arise. What have worked in prototype phase might be an issue when producing high volumes. It could be quality deviations of incoming parts, in manufacturing processes due to different shifts or lack of effective processes. We have great experience from ramp up to high volume production and work with continuous quality improvements to optimize your product.


We work very closely with the manufacturer to ensure the quality control of the production flow. We use our own Qualitracer test platform that allows us to test, measure and report all necessary data required we need in order to understand yield, cycle time, error distribution and many other things.


There are billions of parts from thousands of suppliers worldwide. We know how to pick off the cherries from the cake. We have established partnerships with carefully selected, solid and reliable partners and only choose the optimal components for your product.


We know how to define, specify and acquire the right tooling such as cutting tools, dies, fixtures, gauges, jigs, molds, and patterns necessary to use for the production line where your products will be manufactured.


We create partner alliances with the best experts, contract manufacturers and suppliers in the world. We strive for long-term win-win relationships that enhance and improve our business so that we can fulfill our customers’ expectations and objectives.

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