Effective from today, Mikael Hegardt is new CEO for Swemake. The need for the company’s services is expected to increase substantially over the next three years.

Swedish company Swemake helps entrepreneurs and technology companies to realize their product ideas. Swemake offers to take care of the entire process from developing the product concept to delivering the finished product.

In the first phase, the product idea is developed into a concrete product, ready for manufacturing, through the help of Swemake’s sister company Svep Design Center. Swemake then takes over and handles procurement of contract manufacturers, production management, distribution and after-sales services, such as software updates.

Mikael Hegardt comes from a position as Sales and Marketing Director at Svep. “I’m very pleased with the appointment of Michael,” says Bo Nyman, CEO of the Svep Group. “He has extensive experience of the industry, the ability to always put the customer first and to understand what creates good value for the customer,” he says.

“We see that the need for Swemake’s services increases in the applications we master, which is Internet-connected devices containing a combination of advanced electronics, mechanics and software,” says Mikael Hegardt.

Many companies have great product ideas, but may not always be self-sufficient when it comes to resources handling all the work connected to contract manufacturing procurement, project management during production etc. Swemake helps a company to succeed to produce its product by taking care of the whole process.

“By taking full responsibility of the whole production process, we give Swedish companies the opportunity to produce quality products in a smart and cost-effective way,” explains Hegardt. “Primarily we work with Swedish and regional contract manufacturers,” Hegardt says.

Swemake was founded in 2014 and is a part of the Svep Group. For the past 40 years, Svep Design Center is helping companies to develop advanced electronic products such as mobile phone accessories, smart watches and ticket readers.

For more information, please contact Mikael Hegardt, phone +46 (0)706 33 80 31.

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